Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Love for Allah swt

There is a beautiful short chapter on love in the Kashful Mahjub. These are my favorite paragraphs:

The love for God is the name of an urge in the heart of the true believer in the form of respect and esteem for God, and the desire to gain His nearness, vision and union, so much so that he gets restless for the Divine Beloved, is always absorbed in his remembrance, severs all connections with the world, clears his mind of all the desires other than God and gets totally attached to Him. But man's love for God is not of the same type as his love for human beings, because in the latter case the lover wants to win over and possess the object of his love, while in the former case, he wants to surrender himself to his Beloved and loses his existence in God to finally subsist by Him. .....

The lovers are of two kinds. Those who love God because of His bounties and gifts, and those who love the Beloved for Himself and regard His bounties and gifts as veils. .....

Says Umar bin Uthman Makki in his book Kitab-ul-Muhabbat (Book of Love), "God created the hearts seven thousand years before creating the bodies, and kept them in a state of nearness. He created the souls seven thousand years before creating the hearts, and kept them in the station of intimacy (uns). He created the secrets (sirrha) seven thousand years before creating the souls, and kept them in the station of unity (wasl)."

Then He revealed the lustre of His Beauty to the sirr three hundred and sixty times daily and looked towards it graciously for three hundred times daily. But when they surveyed the entire universe and saw nothing more precious than themselves, vanity and arrogance overtook them. God, therefore, subjected them to tests and trials by imprisoning the heart in the spirit, the spirit in the soul, and the soul in the body. He then bestowed reason upon them and sent prophets to guide them. Thereafter, everyone was told to seek the Beloved. Consequently, the body was engaged in prayer, the soul in love, the spirit in nearness, and the heart found happiness in union with Him.

But what love is, in reality, cannot be described by the word "love", for love is a feeling and feelings cannot be expressed by words. Love cannot be attained even if the whole world tries for it, nor can it be repelled even if the whole world tries for it. This is because love is a Divine Gift and cannot be achieved by effort. Man in finite but love is infinite, and the finite has no control over the infinite.

Allah swt knows best.


Irving said...

Ah, I also love this chapter, and used some of it in the book Master of the Jinn. :)

Ya Haqq!

seeker94 said...

I really must find the time to read your book again.

ismail radpour said...

Salaam dear brother,
So beautiful, thank you very much for share it.
I searched in Persian version , but only I find third and fourth paragraph of your post. May you can help me in finding last paragraph of your post that written "But what love is..." to "The finite has no control over the infinite".

Thanks again

Ya Haqq!

seeker94 said...

Salaam Brother Ismail,

The book I have is translated by Maulana Wahid Bakhsh Sial Rabbani. In that book, the 4th paragraph (" .... and the heart found happiness in union with him." is immediately followed by the 5th paragraph ("But what love is....), and just before the section called "Love: Ishq"

I'm so sorry but I can't help you with regards to where it's found in the Persian version.

ismail radpour said...

Thanks a lot, I found it!
May Allah bless you , sometimes traditional Persian texts while are so beautiful but understanding these really are difficult for me.

Anyway I found that fifth paragraph. Indeed thess words are wonderful.

Thank you for this great post and your guidance.

Raza Rumi said...

thanks for sharing these lines - most inspiring and beautiful. What a pleasure to have stumbled on your blog today - will keep visiting.