Monday, December 20, 2010

Worship of Religion

I been reading this most interesting magazine called "The Path" (July/Sept 2005). These are excepts taken from the article "A Moment of Contemplation in the Search for Serenity" by Abdul Latif Steven Krauss.

"Among the Muslims, the desire for power, land and the futile 'respect in the eyes of the world' has in many ways made us more materialistic than non-Muslims. When this materialism and idolatry is taken to extremes, it results in 'religion worship'. Symptoms of 'religion worship' include misguided claims of defending Islam with over-zealous actions stemming from the erroneous belief that Allah (swt) needs people to defend His deen. Put simply, this has developed into (and is a product of) worship of religion as opposed to worship of the Creator. As Sheikh Abdul-Hakim Murad has said, there has developed among some a new kalima in Islam - "There is no god but Islam, and Muhammad is the Messenger of Islam", in fact, nothing but yet another form of idolatry that has led to mass violations of the laws of Allah (swt) in supposed defense of Him and His religion, rather than understanding that Islam is but the path to Allah (swt), who is Himself the end-goal of religion."

"At the very heart of Islam the work is about purging the heart of all that is other than Allah (swt) for the attainment of Peace and Salvation."

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